Aplomb Martial Arts Shares Their Top 5 Martial Arts Movies

As a leading name in martial arts in Kansas City, Aplomb Martial Arts has noticed a resurgence of interest in martial arts films and media, likely owing no small part to the popularity of MMA and series like Cobra Kai, to widespread critical acclaim. It brings back interest in martial arts films, leading to what the best martial arts movies to try are. If you’re planning on getting into some martial arts flicks, here are some must-see films.

  • Enter the Dragon (1973, dir. Robert Clouse)

As the undying golden film of martial arts movies, everything has already been said about the greatness of Enter the Dragon as a legendary martial arts film. Many of Aplomb’s students taking up martial arts in Kansas City have seen it, enthralled by the action, the movements, and the classic tournament structure.

  • Hero (2002, dir. Zhang Yimou)

Starring Jet Li, Tony Leung, Maggie Cheung, and Zhang Ziyi, it’s a movie based on the real-life assassination of the King of Qin from China’s third century. At the time, martial arts films enjoyed a new life, and the film became an instant success.

  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000, dir. Ang Lee)

When this film came out in 2000, it caused a massive resurgence of interest in the power of martial arts films. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon combines modern cinematography with the combat choreography that had previously only been seen in vintage martial arts films. It introduced a whole new generation of fans to the genre, including some of the students of martial arts in Kansas City.

  • Shogun Assassin (1980, dir. Robert Houston)

The appeal of Shogun Assassin isn’t for skill or accuracy, nor is it the kind of serious martial arts flick as the others in this list. But it’s hilarious and entertaining with a grimy aesthetic and garishly stunning piece of cinema. It’s an iconic attempt of the Western world to capture Eastern martial arts.

  • Yip Man (2008, dir. Wilson Yip)

In reality, Yip or Ip Man was the grandmaster of Wing Chun martial arts. He was also the teacher of Bruce Lee, and the biographical film is a testament to his talent and determination. It follows the master’s life while the country was at war in Japan and is the first of a series of films. If you’re looking for a martial arts biographical film with great combat and skills, this is a great place to start.

  • Seven Samurai (1954, dir. Akira Kurosawa)

This legendary vintage film is an epic drama that had a cinematic impact for generations, all the way to this day. It has inspired numerous other films, and even directors today use inspirations from this amazing film in their own flicks.

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