Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both private lessons and group martial arts practice classes are available at a variety of convenient times throughout the KC metro and last approximately 1 hour each.

We offer kids, young adult, and adult group classes to ensure your workout group is safe, comfortable, and productive!

There are many different types of students who attend our martial arts classes. Some prefer high intensity punching and kicking; others prefer mindful meditation and a focus on technique. Because of our highly personalized approach to marital arts, we understand each individual student’s unique goals and style and pair them with others who have similar goals. This keeps workouts comfortable and productive and helps our students hold each other accountable to reach their goals!

Our classes and lessons are designed for any level of fitness. Every student starts in the same place (a white belt, aka “square one”) and we curate a highly inclusive, judgement space for those of any skill or strength level!

Yes – our team loves using our dojo as a fun, comfortable event space to host your next unique corporate event or kid’s birthday celebration!

Imagine the difference between a traditional school class size of 100+, where the teacher may not even know your name, and a class size of 1 to 5, where you get more one-on-one time. This instructor knows you, your progress, and your personal goals, and holds you accountable to it every step of the way. Like other gyms and workout experiences, personalized instruction from a trainer is much more likely to yield “results,” whatever those results might look like for you—whether it’s strength, technique, or yes, even weight loss.

The difference is that students at Aplomb aren’t paying “premium” prices like you would with a personal trainer. Our membership program is highly affordable and provides a lot of value. For $200/month, you get individual lessons as well as access to up to three group classes weekly!

Life happens, and we get that not everyone’s schedule stays the same every week. You’re welcome to contact us to reschedule or if you miss a class… If we don’t contact you first 😉

Aplomb Martial Arts is unique and special in its class structure. We are the only martial arts school in the area that specializes in personalized training lessons for each student. We offer 30-minute semi-private lessons where the instructor is able to teach each students their rank material, as well as work on their individual goals. In this format, each student will learn how to do the moves correctly and work on specific skills needed for them to move forward and achieve their goals. These times are also an opportunity to work the interactive Kempo techniques in a safe and controlled setting with the instructor guiding each student through the moves.

Another major benefit of these personalized training lessons is that they can be set up to work with your schedule as well as rescheduled if you have a conflict and have to miss one of your lessons. The group classes are unlimited so you can come to as many as you are able to! These are a great compliment to the personalized training lessons and a chance to meet up with your friends, have fun, get a great workout, and work your techniques. Each class is different so they are always exciting!

Getting to work out in your pajamas? Yes please! 🙌 For your first few classes, you’re welcome to wear whatever clothes you will be comfortable in. (Basically, any appropriate gym attire.) After that, we’ll help you get fitted for a gi (shirt and pants) and your first belt!

Absolutely! Martial arts is a great way to keep your kiddos consistently active all year long, whether it’s the off season or scheduled around other practices. In fact, martial arts has been shown many times to increase children’s performance in other sports due to the mental focus, clarity, balance, and strength it can bring to them outside of the dojo.

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