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Welcome to the Aplomb Martial Arts Studio

Live life confidently

Whether you’re training for strength and agility, stress relief, or simply want an inclusive, safe environment to learn self-defense, Aplomb is excited to meet you!

Classes for All

Personalized lessons designed to teach. Group classes designed for practice.

Aplomb Martial Arts takes a highly individualized approach to our training program through a mix of small-group lessons and group practice sessions. So it’s more than just a workout; it’s a balanced approach to martial arts that puts you on a path to lifelong success—and have a lot of fun along the way.

Benefits of Aplomb Young Adult Kempo Classes

We are here for you and truly care about your training and your goals.

An Engaging Workout

“Autopilot” is our arch nemesis. At Aplomb, your brain is going to be just as active as your body from the moment you bow in. Pro: You get to leave all your troubles at the door. Con: time flies (because it’s so fun)!



Catered Fitness

Want to get stronger or more flexible? Improve endurance? Feel empowered? Learn sweet ninja moves? Aplomb certainly does it all, but we tailor your training to what you want to get out of martial arts. Your goals are ours.



Personal Growth

Life can be crazy and demanding. Aplomb Kempo can help you develop the tools, discipline, and confidence to take on any challenge life might throw your way. Plus, give you powerful skills you can carry with you into adulthood.




One of our biggest pet peeves with other karate studios is a lack of communication and personalized instruction. We built Aplomb around the idea that you and your instructor will always be working together to reach your goals.


How it Works

Developing young adults into community leaders.

Because we take the time to get to know each student, we develop a personalized training plan based on each student’s development and growth—and take this into account when progressing you through the Aplomb Martial Arts program. Through it all, each advancement is something you will feel proud of—because you truly earn it!

As an Aplomb student, you’ll learn to practice confidence, leadership, teamwork, focus, determination, and much more to mold you into a stronger individual and community leader.

Because of this highly individualized approach, there is never a glass ceiling. Even for the masters, there is always more to learn (which is one of our favorite things about training at Aplomb).

Our Approach

What is Aplomb Kempo?

At our Kansas City Karate studios, we teach the Kempo martial arts style, based on an ancient method of self-defense taught in a safe, fun, and inclusive environment. In fact, we’ve built an entire system called Aplomb Kempo, which combines:

  • The hard-hitting explosiveness of traditional Karate
  • The core competency of Kempo
  • The Five Animals of Shaolin Kung Fu (Shaolinquan)
  • The power of Western Boxing
  • The felling and grappling arts of Jiu Jitsu and Chin Na
  • The mindfulness and respect for community & nature of Tai Chi


Well Rounded

Through this practical and versatile system, we can make sure that each student learns to move in a way that builds on their own unique strengths, making them the most effective, well-rounded martial artist possible.


Get Started

Learn about martial arts from the masters and become the awesome ninja you were always meant to be.