Karate Lessons in Kansas City

An Explosively Fun Karate Program

Building positive life skills

Karate is just one style of the Aplomb Martial Arts program in Kansas City. Karate, or Kempo, is a fun, energizing way to build focus and discipline in kids of all ages! Whether they want to learn fun ninja moves or practice self-defense against bullies, Aplomb offers a safe, family-friendly studio where the lessons are engaging from start to finish.

Classes for All

Personalized lessons designed to teach. Group classes designed for practice.

With a highly individualized program that combines both personalized training lessons and group practices, kids experience more than just a karate lesson; they learn a well-rounded martial arts approach that helps them build a variety of enduring life skills while having fun along every step of the way.

Benefits of Aplomb Karate Lessons

We are here for your child and truly care about their training, well-being, and lifelong success.

Super Engaging Classes

“Autopilot” is our arch nemesis. At Aplomb, your child’s brain is going to be just as active as their body from the moment they bow in. Pro: They leave all their troubles at the door. Con: time flies (because it’s so fun)!



Peer-to-Peer Partnerships

Students are partnered up with an individual of similar rank and age to learn and practice their techniques in this safe and controlled setting. This builds proper technique so the moves will be effective, develops confidence as new skills are achieved, and builds camaraderie with their fellow students.



Personal Growth

Being a kid can feel stressful in its own right. Aplomb Kempo can help your child develop the tools, discipline, and confidence to take on any challenge life might throw their way.



Character Building

We built Aplomb around the idea that your child and their instructor will always be on the same page and working to strengthen good character traits like work ethic, kindness, and more. At Aplomb, it’s all about a personal level of accountability you can’t find in any other hobby.


How it Works

We're not in the business of handing out participation trophies.

Because we take the time to get to know each karate student, we develop a personalized training plan based on each student’s development and growth—and take this into account when progressing your child through the Aplomb Martial Arts program. Through it all, each earned advancement is something they will feel proud of.

This highly individualized approach means there is never a glass ceiling. Even for karate masters, there is always more to learn (which is one of our favorite things about training at Aplomb).

Our Approach

What is Aplomb Karate?

At our Kansas City karate studios, all lessons use the Kempo martial arts style, based on an ancient method of self-defense taught in a safe, fun, and inclusive environment. In fact, we’ve built an entire system called Aplomb Kempo, which combines:

  • The hard-hitting explosiveness of traditional Karate
  • The core competency of Kempo
  • The Five Animals of Shaolin Kung Fu (Shaolinquan)
  • The power of Western Boxing
  • The felling and grappling arts of Jiu Jitsu and Chin Na
  • The mindfulness and respect for community & nature of Tai Chi

Unique Strengths

Through this fun-yet-practical system, we can make sure that each child learns to move in a way that builds on their own unique strengths.

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