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The Aplomb Philosophy

Welcome to the Dojo

From the beginning, we set out to create something unique in the martial arts industry: an inclusive studio for people of all ages and skill levels to enjoy the benefits of Kempo.

We’re proud to say that hundreds of KC residents have felt welcome in our dojo—making Aplomb Martial Arts the largest martial arts school in Kansas City!

Why Aplomb?

  • Personalized Instruction
  • Professional, Certified Instructors
  • Community Building
  • Positive Coaching & Culture
  • Unlimited Educational & Growth Opportunities

Martial arts that deliver a real impact


self-confidence, assurance, and grace, especially when in a challenging or demanding situation

Aplomb Instructors

Aplomb Martial Arts was founded on the principles of character, fitness, adaptability, encouragement, great instruction, and martial art skill.

As instructors, we do everything that we can to help our students progress and reach new levels of growth, surpassing their goals and reaching more than they even realized they could.


The 12 Pillars of Aplomb Kempo

The Aplomb Kempo System is the most practical and versatile martial arts style, combining a variety of techniques and forms that will actually work. We designed this unique program not just to teach self-defense and promote physical fitness; but even more importantly, to build character and success in life.

Our Culture

We start with instructors who truly care. We create a positive, safe, supportive environment for students of all ages to tap into their unlimited growth potential!

Welcoming & Inclusive

We give and expect respect in every dojo—​​it’s a place where everybody knows your name and is excited to have you. Our instructors make sure that every student is moving forward on their own personal journey.

Positive & Encouraging

Each student and instructor of the Aplomb family is team-oriented. We value building community, camaraderie, and confidence just as much as we do muscles & instinct. We’re like Cheers but better: where everyone knows your name and wants you to succeed.

Professional & Motivating

Mastering martial arts is a lifelong journey—it’s our job to challenge our students and help them work toward the best version of themselves! At Aplomb, you will get the accountability and positive coaching you need to actually reach your goals.

Engaging & Empowering

Our goal is to help you develop inner strength and confidence, learn essential life skills, work through any personal strife and overcome so that you can live your best life. We’re simply providing a supportive, expertly guided roadmap through it all.

Our Brand

The Meaning of Aplomb


The AMA logo represents our Aplomb family, our Aplomb community, and the awesomeness of each students’ journey with us.

We begin our martial arts movement very linearly, which is represented by the diamond. Beginning with the basics of forward and back, side to side, we transition into using the angles of the diamond. Your journey in the martial arts starts with the fundamentals of developing proper stances, alignment of the body, correct technique, and body mechanics. The diamond also represents your journey at Aplomb, developing strength and confidence in yourself and your abilities.

As we progress through the martial arts, we begin to incorporate circular movements, allowing our bodies to be more fluid and flexible. This is also where we develop the versatility of our Aplomb Kempo System, as we cannot only move with linear movement, but rather we need the ability to move 360 degrees and be adaptable to ever changing situations. The circle also represents our ability to have respect, humility, and gratitude within our confidence and empowerment.

We learn how to be yin (soft) when we need to breathe, relax our bodies and our minds, be happy and content where we are and have fun! Physically, we need to be relaxed, flexible, and able to adjust to our situation, such as dodging or moving out of the way of a strike when sparring.

Think of Yin as being calm, grounded, and a gentle self-confidence and peace; we need to be able to be fluid, flexible, go with the flow, develop teamwork, learn from others, and be overall adaptable. This makes it so we can adjust to new situations with fluidity and perseverance. In Aplomb Martial Arts we learn how to be calm and relaxed, using our attacker’s energy and strength against them. It is also our ability to relax, have fun and develop camaraderie with our team and fellow ninjas.

We learn how to be Yang (hard) when we need to dig in deep, show effort, have perseverance, and achieve success. Yang is our strength, power, and assuredness. It is our leadership, confidence, and ability to command a situation. In our martial arts, Yang comes as we develop strength through stance and endurance training and learning how to engage all our muscles to strike with power and strength. Yang is the ability to stand strong through adversity, meet challenges head on, and show determination to reach our goals. In our martial arts it’s using the whole body to create strength, developing a mental toughness to make it through challenging situations, putting in our very best effort in each of our moves, and always striving to be the very best we can be.

In martial arts, we talk about the “hard” and “soft” with various movements, strikes, and defenses. Both are important to be effective in self-defense. It is the combination of both Yin and Yang that allows us to have the best life: be powerful and gentle; commanding and and humble; playful and serious; determined and relaxed; a leader and a team player. Ultimately, we learn how to be “blendable” where we can give and take and adjust as needed depending on the situation. This is what we are working to develop at Aplomb Martial Arts, so that you can be the best you and live your best life.

Our experience and what we actually know within the infinite possibilities of knowledge is represented by the crescents cradled within the infinity symbol. We must allow ourselves to be open to learning and nurturing our own growth. The infinity symbol is not fully connected, showing we are not seeking perfection, but rather the perseverance to keep doing the best we can to grow, learn, and develop as a person.

It is through the combination of having no bounds to knowledge, with the balance of Yin and Yang, that we learn Aplomb. In our ever-changing world, ever changing lives, ever changing situations, we learn how to be centered, calm and grounded. We learn how to believe in ourselves, what we are capable of, and learn that we can overcome any obstacle. We learn how to look for the good, find contentment and have empowerment.

The blue hues symbolize the welcoming of all people, all ages, and all walks of life. It represents the positivity, support, encouragement, and camaraderie all people will experience with our Aplomb Culture. We have an extremely positive, encouraging, and motivating culture—a haven for good, friendship, learning, camaraderie, and growth.

Our Programs

Aplomb’s certified instructors provide highly personalized education for all ages in a hybrid personalized instruction-and-group setting. This allows each student to learn the material they need, correct the details that will make them more accurate and effective, and have time to advance their own personal goals.

Discover the Aplomb Difference

Ready to experience a whole new kind of martial art? The Aplomb approach to martial arts is challenging, educational, and never boring.