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Parties with a Kick

Ninja Parties for Birthdays, Team Building, & More


Party planning is hard! You have to coordinate with everyone, plan the activities, find an event space, and more. So why not make it easy on yourself and let us do the work?

When you’re looking for a fun and inclusive space to host a birthday party or corporate event in Kansas City, consider Aplomb Martial Arts for an exciting, off-the-wall time! This 2-hour interactive and personally curated event is full of fun, with guided lessons, heart-racing activities, and more!

Party with Aplomb

We make planning your special event with Aplomb Martial Arts super easy. You just bring the ninjas, and we’ll bring the party!

1. Contact one of our dojos near you to schedule your event.

2. Sit back and relax as our trained instructors guide your party through:

  • Ninja Activities
  • Ninja Games
  • Group Lessons for Take-Home Skills
  • Teambuilding and Self Defense Activities
  • & More

3. The best part? We handle all setup and clean up!

(Invitations, real katanas, and Naruto powers not included 😉)

The Aplomb Way

Our approach to parties is different. We know riding around in go-karts and wearing princess crowns is a blast (we do it from time to time ourselves), but our team loves curating an event space that make a lasting impact on participants of any age. It’s a party that leaves you feeling empowered and invigorated!

Aplomb Martial Arts offers a way for your group to have an AMA-zing time and learn along the way—and maybe even fall in love with martial arts! Many of our students came to us from a party they were invited to, and have kept coming back to hone their skills as Aplomb Ninjas.

Benefits of a Ninja Party

Mess Free

We handle all setup and clean up, so no more digging cake or glitter out of the carpet of your home.



Designed for medium-sized groups

Not every event space in Kansas City has their space perfectly setup to handle 10 to 25 active children and families!



High energy

From our Ninja activities and games to our full group karate lesson, our ninja parties are a great option for a high energy event!



Martial Arts Training

Proven to instill discipline, improve focus, and make exercise fun, martial arts is a great way for kids and adults alike to engage their bodies AND minds!


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