Tai Chi Classes in Kansas City

Let's Find Your Center, Together

Bringing Grace & Gratitude to Kansas City

There are so, so many wonderful benefits of Tai Chi! And learning the movements is just the start. With time and expert instruction, Tai Chi can provide a foundation of self-awareness, mental health, and physical confidence!

Aplomb Martial Arts is the largest martial arts franchise in Kansas City, offering personalized lessons and coaching plans that build upon your unique strengths and goals. So whether you want to increase mindfulness, find stress relief, or simply need a more engaging exercise, Aplomb welcomes you to our dojo.

About Tai Chi / Taijiquan

Mindfully Adapted to 21st Century Martial Arts

Tai Chi is based on a combination of Taoism philosophy, Qigong, and other martial art techniques dating back thousands of years, but it gained global awareness around 1670.

Its low-impact style uses both contrasting and complementary movements—hard and fast, slow and soft—to focus on the synchronicity of breath and body. The principles of Tai Chi have made their way into many modern forms of exercise and is a key source we draw from in Aplomb Kempo classes!

Our Approach

The Aplomb Philosophy

Aplomb Martial Arts in Kansas City offers fun and engaging stress-relief and fitness options for adults, young adults, and children through a specially designed program. At Aplomb, we have elevated Tai Chi, combining the traditional fluidity and graceful movement of Tai Chi with the explosiveness and power of kempo.

The Benefits of Tai Chi

With this style, you are truly working both the yin (gentle, opening, peaceful and relaxing) with the yang (internal power and strength development). There are many positive benefits of Aplomb Tai Chi, including:

  • Flexibility & Balance
  • Energy & Stamina
  • Muscle Strength & Definition
  • Stress Relief & Meditation
  • Self-Awareness & Mindfulness

Tai Chi Classes in Kansas City

Aplomb Martial Arts offers Tai Chi and Kempo classes at dojos across the KC metro.

Ready to try the most invigorating workout of your life?!

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About Us

Aplomb Martial Arts empowers each student and instructor to live their best life—in and out of the dojo.

After spending years developing a unique style of Kempo that combines self defense, fitness, and meditation, we are proud to offer a path to personal growth and confidence that can persist through even the most difficult trials or challenges.