Jiu Jitsu in Kansas City

To Gi or to No-Gi?

Combat Wrestling

At Aplomb Martial Arts we train in Kempo (a mixture of Karate, Kung-fu, & Jiu Jitsu) in a unique style we’ve coined as the “Aplomb Kempo” program. Combat wrestling is a hugely influential style of our martial arts program in Kansas City.

Also referred to as No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu, this full contact sport removes the traditional Gi and works on teaching grapples, takedowns, and submissions when there’s no collar or sleeve to work with on your opponent.

In a fun and supportive environment that emphasizes a personalized approach, Aplomb Martial Arts is your place to truly foster your skills in No-Gi Jiu Jitsu on a real-life practical-use level.

About Combat Wrestling

Grappling with it all

Combat Wrestling (CSW) is a modern form of Submission Wrestling that incorporates areas of focus like striking and clinching for a more well-rounded style. Much like our Aplomb Kempo, CSW is a blend of several techniques from various martial art styles. We borrow elements from kickboxing, savate, and boxing for striking, and catch, greco-roman, and freestyle wrestling for grapples.

Our Approach

The Aplomb Philosophy

At Aplomb martial arts, we are proud to offer a path to personal growth and confidence that lasts. Aplomb No-Gi Jiu Jitsu in Kansas City is a fun and practical self-defense option for adults, young adults, and children alike. With this style, there are many positive benefits, including:

  • Muscle Strength & Definition
  • Stress Relief
  • Confidence & Empowerment

Learn Jiu Jitsu in Kansas City

Aplomb Martial Arts offers Combat Wrestling, Cardio Kickboxing and Kempo classes at several wonderful dojos across the KC metro. Find a dojo near you to learn more about our experienced instructors and view our class schedules.

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At Aplomb Martial Arts, we offer one free class. There's no obligation—just an excuse to meet get a great workout, have fun, and hopefully, fall in love with Combat Wrestling!

About Us

Aplomb Martial Arts empowers each student and instructor to live their best life—in and out of the dojo.

Aplomb Martial Arts empowers each student to live their best life—in and out of the dojo. After spending years developing a unique style of Kempo combining self defense, fitness, and meditation, we’re proud to offer practical and applicable life skills that can help you persist through even the most difficult trials or challenges.