Kickboxing in Kansas City

Cardio, but make it fun.

No contact, just cardio

While others ride bikes or climb stairs to nowhere, Aplomb Martial Arts does cardio differently. Looking for fast-paced cardio to build lean muscle and improve your coordination all at once? Burn up to 800 calories in an hour with our new cardio kickboxing class in Kansas City!

No contact doesn’t mean there’s no challenge! This high-energy combination of upper and lower body movements tests endurance and builds concentration. Our experienced instructors “kick” on the music and lead a choreographed workout combining punches, knee strikes, and, of course, kicks!

About Cardio Kickboxing

From combat to conditioning

In the 1960s, Japan coined the term “Kickboxing” to describe a new style of martial arts combining karate with boxing. As this full-contact sport caught on, American kickboxing and various international kickboxing organizations were born.

While credited as one of the foundations for what would become “mixed martial arts,” across the globe Kickboxing made its way into fitness. Kansas City is no exception, and with full body cardio, scaling difficulty, and self-defense applications, there’s no real mystery why. Kickboxing gets your heart pumping as you work every muscle in your body in a fun and powerful way.

Our Approach

The Aplomb Philosophy

Aplomb Martial Arts in Kansas City is proud to offer a fun and engaging workout options that incorporate kickboxing principles.

Cardio elevated

Combining martial arts discipline and personal trainer accountability, we offer a fun workout that really packs a punch! Regardless of your level of fitness, kickboxing has many positive benefits, including:

  • Energy & Stamina

  • Builds Lean Muscle

  • Stress Relief

Cardio Kickboxing Fitness Classes in Kansas City

In addition to cardio kickboxing elements brought into our Aplomb Kempo program across our locations, we offer cardio kickboxing classes at our Prairie Village dojo, located in the heart of the Corinth Square Shopping Center.

With some of the coolest restaurants, shops and services that Kansas City offers, we’re so happy our Self-Defense Studio is located here.

Give us a try!

Join a free session at Aplomb Martial Arts. There's no obligation—just an excuse to meet new people, have fun, and hopefully, fall in love with Cardio Kickboxing!

About Us

Aplomb Martial Arts empowers each student and instructor to live their best life—in and out of the dojo.

After spending years developing a unique style of Kempo that combines self defense, fitness, and meditation, we are proud to offer a path to personal growth and confidence that can persist through even the most difficult trials or challenges.