We are Thankful: Aplomb Martial Arts Wishes Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, which remains in unstable times as it had last year, Aplomb Martial Arts wants to extend its best and fondest well-wishes to students, families, colleagues, and community members.

Undoubtedly, communities, where Aplomb Martial Arts schools are found, are some of the toughest and most engaged groups out there, willing to provide support and a helping hand whenever needed. When a class member is struggling, someone is there to lend a hand and help them, fostering a sense of community, teamwork, and unity over different groups of people.

This is why we extend our gratitude to the community that makes Aplomb Martial Arts what it is today this Thanksgiving.

We are thankful for the teachers who pass down years of knowledge down to future generations. We are grateful for the students who pour their passion into the discipline, who have continued to work and train tirelessly despite trials in the world around them.

We are also grateful for the families of both teachers and students who have worked so hard to ensure everyone’s health and who have supported the learning process as it continues through this tumultuous year.

We cannot forget to be grateful for everyone’s patience, cooperation, and most importantly, their discipline despite the storm that surrounds us all. Yet, we all keep soldiering forward as a community that aims to support each other through fortitude and mental strength.

We are all grateful to each other this Thanksgiving; every community member and hope that this holiday season is a much brighter one than last year. We are thankful, this Thanksgiving, that everyone’s hard work, precautions, and efforts have led to a more open holiday season. We hope that the community continues to grow and flourish further in the following year.