Aplomb Martial Arts Shares Exercises to Help With Your Child’s Discipline

Discipline is a core value that must be instilled in every child. While Aplomb Martial Arts understands that discipline is an intrinsic part of development, that doesn’t mean that every parent will find it easy to teach children.

Rather than hammering it to them, using discipline as a form of punishment, and causing them to be more resistant, find fun exercises and methods to help them learn it.

  • Regular “warm-ups”

Exercises as simple as starting every day with combing hair, brushing teeth, and getting dressed are a great way to instill discipline. It creates a routine for kids to start their day, and if done consistently, they’ll start learning how to do it on their own. Don’t forget to praise them for a job well done—positive reinforcement helps.

  • Give them a “focus” game

You might be surprised, but games like the statue game and scavenger hunts also teach discipline. The statue game instructs kids to stay perfectly still if the music stops. It requires them to focus on holding themselves in place and in a position to win. Scavenger hunt teaches mental focus—making sure that the child is thinking only of the next object they’re supposed to find.

  • Enroll them in a sport

Whether it’s a team sport or an individual sport—the sports game is governed by a set of rules, and a specific condition must be fulfilled for someone or a team to win. Nothing is as effective as instilling discipline than introducing them to a new sport. Moreover, practicing for that sport repeatedly reminds kids of specific movements, actions, and the importance of staying on schedule. Best of all, there are plenty of sport-related exercises for kids to perform repeatedly.

Aplomb Martial Arts underscores how valuable discipline is. It makes kids realize the importance of rules and how controlling one’s actions and behaviors can lead to rewards or benefit them and others.

Aplomb Martial Arts puts discipline at the center of all martial arts classes. Visit the website to find the class nearest to you.