Halloween Safety Advice for Parents and Kids

Now that Halloween is at the end of the month, Halloween safety is front and center in every parent’s mind. Kids are excited to go trick or treating once again while dressed in their favorite costumes. But as everyone is likely rusty after a year of having to go without, it’s time to look back and remember critical Halloween reminders that keep all the kids safe this season.

  • Set up a no-touch trick-or-trick chute!
    This is the easiest way to make sure kids are safe with no contact. Create a “chute” (could be made of a pet tunnel or even a toy car ramp) where adults can simply slide the candy down into the kids’ goodie bags at the door. For Halloween safety, kids should maintain as little contact as possible. Fortunately, it’s easily done—just keep them at arm’s length, deposit the candy, and the kids are on their way.
  • Electronic devices down.
    While it’s incredibly tempting to take so many photos and videos of little ones walking around in their costumes, vigilance requires your focus. It’s time to keep your eyes off the screen and keep them on the kids. The kids should not be holding their devices as well. This way, you’re all able to watch your surroundings, look out for oncoming traffic in the streets, see paths in the dim light, and more.
  • Light up the costumes!
    One excellent and effective Halloween safety tip is to make costumes safer is by adding lights on them. LED light strips are cheap and can be stuck easily in certain places—all kids have to do is wear a little pack with a USB power pack on it, the same as you might use with a smartphone. If you don’t want to stick lights on, reflective tape can also help see kids outdoors.

Trick or treating is one of the best times of the year for many kids, so making it safe for them is essential. There are many ways to keep kids safe this year—take advantage of using most of them!

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