Aplomb Martial Arts Gives Tips for Keeping Kids Busy During Summer

Aplomb Martial Arts knows it all too well: the sun is bright, school is out, and the kids are all restless at home and bouncing off the walls. So summer is the perfect opportunity to get the kids outdoors and having fun. Now that restrictions lift slowly around the country, some pretty great ideas can get them back into action this summer.

Backyard camping trips

You wouldn’t want them to wander too far from home, but what better way to get them to appreciate how much fun being outdoors is than with a backyard camping trip? Pitch up a tent outside, fill it with sleeping bags and pillows, and enjoy a little story time with flashlights under the stars.

Learn a new sport!

Biking, martial arts, swimming; are just some great sports that kids can learn throughout the summer. Sports lessons are popular during the summer for a reason—they’ll get to know other kids and stay active, getting plenty of exercise.


Learning how to cook may become incredibly rewarding for kids, especially those who are always curious about what moms do in the kitchen. Have them take part in small, simple recipes and show them that cooking yields delicious snacks afterward!


Going outdoors and appreciating nature gets even better when the kids learn how to do a little gardening. It teaches them a new appreciation for plants and can even allow you to grow some great food with them.

Many kids at Aplomb Martial Arts are delighted when the summertime comes because it presents a whole new host of fun things that they can do. Parents who think it’s time for their kids to get active and start having fun outdoors and getting things back to normal should look into spending some quality time with them to learn something new and have fun.

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