Aplomb Martial Arts Answers: What’s a Good Age to Start Martial Arts for Kansas City Kids?

Although Kansas City kids of all ages—and adults as well—can get plenty of benefits from martial arts, a lot of parents still come into Aplomb Martial Arts asking: What age should my child get started?

Why does age matter?

It’s an understandable concern—if a child is too young, they might be unable to grasp the physical concepts fully or not mentally developed enough to understand the disciplines involved. Perhaps parents would be concerned if martial arts would be too much of a strain for underdeveloped bodies.

But Aplomb Martial Arts believes that martial arts can be safe and enjoyable for everyone, including Kansas City kids as young as three years old who express interest in the sport. It is, however, critical to remember that very young children of that age should never get forced into high-intensity training. As some experts suggest, the ideal age to properly introduce children to martial arts is six years old.

Why start so young?

Every child develops at a different rate. Some children may be more advanced than others in motor skills and physical ability. However, Kansas City kids might not have the needed motor skills for perfect blows, kicks, gestures, and more even at this age. Above all else, children who start martial arts before six years old should develop a love and enjoyment of the discipline first before being brought into the proper training regime by age six. The most important thing, as experts continue to reiterate, is to develop a sense of fun.

But if training starts adequately at around six to ten years old, studies suggest a high likelihood of children’s success in a martial arts future. Many famous figures and athletes in the world of martial arts began at this age.

This is not to say that there is no hope for older people. Aplomb Martial Arts knows that Kansas City kids and adults alike can achieve great success in martial arts if they dedicate themselves to the craft and apply themselves to the discipline.

Not sure if your child can begin learning? Go to Aplomb Martial Arts and ask the masters about the best learning opportunities for your child.