Why Martial Arts is a Great Winter Workout

You might be wondering why martial arts makes such a great winter workout. For one thing, martial arts are an excellent cardiovascular and all-around physical and mental exercise no matter the time of year. It’s easy to do and practice indoors or outdoors and requires little equipment to get you started. But beyond that, there are other benefits to taking martial arts as your workout plan for the next season.

  • It keeps you warm.
    One of the best things about exercise and cardiovascular exertion is the thermal effect on your body. Your heart is pumping, blood starts circulating better, you’re getting more oxygen into your lungs, and your body heats up more. Martial arts as a winter workout gives you that benefit, keeping your body and your muscles warmer.
  • It contributes to weight loss.
    It happens to everyone: many of us eat a little more during the colder months, and it’s all part of our bodies’ habit of keeping warm. More food means more fat and more warmth. But if you keep doing your martial arts exercises over the winter, you’re less likely to gain weight uncontrollably or bloat up as you’re burning the fat you are storing. And because martial arts also keep you warm, you’re not losing vital body temperature.
  • It gives you better mental health.
    The saying “holiday blues” is there for a reason: people feel a little more depressed, stressed, and anxious during the holidays. But that’s why martial arts are a better winter workout than ever these days: martial arts are all about discipline, balance, and control of both mind and body. It’s an excellent way to overcome the holiday blues and defend both mind and body.

This winter, don’t fall into the trap of going stagnant, staying indoors without much activity. Continue practicing martial arts as your winter workout and reap all the benefits it offers.

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