Aplomb Martial Arts Shares Tips and Easy Methods to Improve Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the things that martial arts students will gain as they learn their techniques. But as Aplomb Martial Arts likes to remind everyone, the power of exercise—especially when provided by martial arts—allows just about anyone to improve their flexibility as well. Some of their students do special activities at home to make themselves even more flexible.

Here are some great ways to make yourself more limber and flexible.

  • Hamstring stretches – This is performed by straightening your knees and then stretching out one leg between your hands as you hold yourself balanced. Keep your back straight and maintain your pose for thirty seconds before changing to the other leg.
  • Forward fold – This basic stretch will be familiar to you—it’s excellent as a warming-up exercise! Simply stand with your feet together, bend forward at the hips, and bring your head down to your knees as close as possible with your hands on or toward the ground.
  • Butterfly stretch – This is another excellent, basic flexibility exercise. Sit with your legs facing out in front of you. Bring your feet together, with knees away from each other, then grab both feet with your hands, with your elbows going towards your knees. Remember to keep your back straight!
  • Lunges – Even an incredibly simple stretching exercise like a lunge will help you get more flexible. Start by standing with feet together, then take one large step forward (with whichever leg you’re comfortable with.) Then bend the knee of your extended leg while keeping your back leg as straight as possible. Keep the lunge as deep as possible. Hold for about 30 seconds before switching legs.

As you do these exercises more often, you’ll notice an improvement in your flexibility. There are many more flexibility exercises that you can do, and as you make these stretches and movements a habit, your body becomes more flexible and free to move.

Martial arts is a great way to improve your flexibility. Visit Aplomb Martial Arts to find some classes near you.