Aplomb Martial Arts on Discipline: What does it mean to be disciplined?

Discipline and being self-disciplined have always been one of the primary benefits of anyone taking up martial arts. But what does discipline and being a self-disciplined person indeed mean? Does it mean giving up control of your actions, or does it mean taking control of your actions?

A Disciplined Person

Aplomb Martial Arts has always stressed the importance of self-discipline among its students. What does a self-disciplined individual look like? What are their characteristics?

A person with discipline also exhibits the following qualities:

  • Ambition – They have a goal or an aspiration that they want to achieve in the best way possible.
  • Focus – They look at their goal and keep their “eyes on the prize,” making sure that their actions lead towards it.
  • Persistence and Resilience – They have the fortitude to keep going even when times get tough. They don’t give up easily. If they fall, they get back up.
  • Hardworking – The road to the goal can be tricky. But a person with discipline continues to put in the hours and work hard to get there.

Martial Arts and Discipline

Martial arts teaches all these values that lead towards a life of self-discipline. It encourages students to set goals, even in as humble and straightforward a way as going up against their belts levels. Focus is achieved through concentrating on themselves, their movements, and how these movements and their choices affect others. It makes them persistent—just because they can’t learn a movement once doesn’t mean they never will if they work hard to master it. And most of all, they are taught resilience when they fall to the mat and get back up again, determined to succeed.

In martial arts, discipline and the art of self-discipline is a standard that students must hold themselves to. It’s about being mindful of yourself and how your actions lead you to a goal. And that with everything you do, you must think not of surrendering to control, but taking it with both hands to achieve your ambition.

Discipline can apply to all aspects of daily living, and martial arts help you tap into it. Visit Aplomb Martial Arts to learn more about classes.