What Does It Mean to Be a Martial Artist?

People often make assumptions when someone says they are martial artists. First, people might assume that they are well versed in a fighting style or two. Others may have the misconception that because they practice martial arts, they are aggressive and fight often. Then, some may think about what they see in movies and on TV.

 Many ideas revolve around martial arts. Unfortunately, some of these ideas are outdated and are mere stereotypes rather than the truth. For example, not all who practice martial arts are aggressive. Instead, many practices deepened patience and discipline owing to their training. The arts are not all about fighting. 

 If you ask what people think it means to be a martial artist, you might get a variety of responses.

  1. It means discipline.
  2. Martial arts are about cultivating the mind and the body to allow you to serve others.
  3. It means practicing a balance between spirit, mind, and body.
  4. Respecting everything/one.
  5. It means doing what you must do, and doing what is right, without thought or hesitance.
  6. Martial arts means being one with the universe.
  7. It means not wanting to fight.

In Chinese, “martial” translates to the character “Wu,” which means:

  • to end violence
  • to stop using weapons, or
  • to stop fighting. 

In the end, one can assume that “Wu” means peace. The word “arts” does bring a bit of creativity and imagination into the picture. A martial artist practices artful techniques that help them to bring peace.

The martial arts involves so many different aspects of the mind and the body. Therefore, a possible meaning of being a martial artist is: practicing techniques and methods that end the conflict and bring peace – from the inside (mind) out (body).

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