Re-opening Letter


We are excited to let you know that there is a plan to reopen businesses and we should be able to start teaching personalized training sessions in 2 weeks, May 18th!  We are so excited to get back into the dojo and see all of our awesome ninja families again!

We love teaching you and having you as a part of our dojo family!  Helping to bring positivity, joy, empowerment, strength, focus, self-control, stress relief, camaraderie and fun into your lives is what we do and who we are and we are so looking forward to getting back to it in person!

As always, the safety of our students and families is our top priority.  To make sure we are able to get back to training in as safe a way as possible, we’ve come up with these current Aplomb guidelines:

  1. To be extra safe, we are only allowing 4 students plus your Sensei on the mat at all times.
  2. Parents and students alike will maintain a 6 feet minimum distance, whether in the lobby or on the mat.  Remember parents can also watch from the sidewalk.
  3. There will be no sparring or physical contact between students.
  4. Students should only bring their gi, belt and dojo shoes into the dojo; dojo bags should be left in the car.
  5. Instructors will log in students for their personalized training sessions instead of students or parents touching the iPad.
  6. Students will be required to sanitize their hands before and after class.
  7. Any kick shields, hand pads, or punching bags used will be sanitized after each student uses it.
  8. Instructors will clean and sanitize counters after each session.
  9. Students can wear a face mask during training if they would like to.
  10. If you or anyone in your household is feeling ill and/or has a fever you are required to call in to the dojo and reschedule your lesson to a later date.


In addition to these safety precautions, a few more happy notes:

  1. With Spring comes beautiful weather!  All lessons can be taught outside and door will be kept open in the dojo to continue clean air flow.  Please touch base with your instructor if you prefer to do your personalized training session outside.    You will need to come prepared with proper shoes and warmer attire (worn under gis) if needed.
  2. ALL Group Classes will continue through Zoom for the time being.
  3. Testing for rank progression will resume in June.  These will be held outside and will maintain the 6 feet minimum personal safety distance.


Again, the safety of our students and their families is our top priority.  If you do not feel comfortable coming back into the dojo yet that is fine; please just touch base with your Sensei so they can set up a reoccurring Zoom personalized training lesson time.  Remember, we are still continuing all of our Zoom group classes so there will still be plenty of awesome workouts available online for you and your family to enjoy from home.

As we transition through this scheduling, it might get a little crazy for our Sensei’s.  Please work with us through all of this and know that we are always doing everything we can to provide the best instruction, atmosphere and culture possible and doing everything we can to help our students move forward, reach their goals, and better their lives.  Communication is important now more than ever so keep talking to your Sensei so they know how best to help you.

Thank you for your continued support and for handling all of this with Aplomb.  We love our students and love teaching you!  Again, we’re so excited to see you all in person in 2 weeks!


The Bartletts and Your Aplomb Sensei Team

Sensei Emily (Prairie Village)

Sensei Karen (Brookside)

Sensei Gary (Lenexa)

Sensei Matt (Liberty)

Sensei Joe (Parkville)