Aplomb Martial Arts on How Martial Arts Can Help Prevent Bullying

Harsh words, physical violence, and other forms of bullying are detrimental to a child’s immediate physical and mental well-being. Even more worryingly, the effects of being harassed by their peers can last long after a child has grown up. Research suggests that individuals who were bullied as children are at high risk of developing anxiety and depression and adulthood.

The causes of bullying are varied, and there is no single, magical way parents can keep their kids from being bullied. However, martial arts can teach children the skills they need to combat bullying in ways that don’t involve fighting back with kicks, punches, and throws.

Through martial arts, children can:

Build confidence

To stand up to bullies, children need to be confident and assertive. Practicing martial arts encourages children to believe in themselves and disregard taunts and insults thrown their way. Also, the knowledge that they can physically defend themselves from bullies if needed is empowering. Learning martial arts also gives children the confidence to walk away from potentially violent situations.

Harness the power of body language

Bullies tend to target those they perceive to be weaker than them. Often, bullying victims inadvertently send out a body language signal that suggests they can easily be intimated. At martial arts classes, children learn to stand straight and strong, maintaining their posture regardless of their environment or the people they’re interacting with. They’re also taught to make and maintain eye contact—something that’s disconcerting for bullies and can cause them to stop their verbal attacks.

Contrary to popular belief, martial arts teachers actually discourage students from resolving problems through physical force. It is continuously stressed that violence is never a solution. Instead, martial arts teach children the “art of fighting without fighting,” as Bruce Lee once put it. By learning martial arts, children enhance their ability to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Help empower your child to resist bullying by allowing them to learn martial arts. Aplomb Martial Arts offers martial arts classes designed to help develop children’s confidence, discipline, and physical competence. Connect with them today to learn more!