Feeling gloomier than usual during the winter is not uncommon. Overcast skies and freezing temperatures can take a toll on
As members of Aplomb Martial Arts know, discipline is a word that isn’t taken lightly in their field. This virtue
When it comes to the development of Kansas City kids, Aplomb Martial Arts finds that there’s nothing quite like physical
Parents searching for a healthy activity for their children need to look no further than a martial arts class. Having
An athlete may pack a powerful punch, but it won’t do much good if their hands are so slow that
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If you look for a school that teaches self-defense in Kansas City, you will probably come across dojos that advertise
Martial artists have different reasons for wanting to be promoted to the next rank. A karate practitioner may view moving
Martial arts is an excellent choice for parents seeking ways to boost their children's physical and emotional development. It teaches
Keeping a positive mindset is sometimes hard to do, considering that everyday life is rife with stressors. Long hours at
Who doesn't want to feel healthier? In this busy world, everyone is under plenty of stress. Hardly anyone ever feels