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Flexibility is one of the things that martial arts students will gain as they learn their techniques. But as Aplomb
Discipline and being self-disciplined have always been one of the primary benefits of anyone taking up martial arts. But what
The mental wellness benefits of martial arts aren't as widely spoken of as its physical wellness benefits. While the physical
Kansas City Dojo
While you browse among Kansas City dojos, you might wonder just how to become a martial artist. The first step,
Physical wellness is one of the primary reasons for people to engage in a martial arts class. Learning self-defense, becoming
Couples self-defense may not be the first thing that pops into your mind as an activity for Valentine’s Day, but
The role discipline plays in martial arts and life cannot be overstated. Discipline has remained one of the great pillars
Most people think of flashy combat moves like in the movies when they think of martial arts. But when done
If you think about it, martial arts make a great Christmas gift. If you are still stumped on what you
Are you staying in to watch some movies? How about martial arts movies? During the holidays, everyone at Aplomb Martial